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Pro Round Table

For the Model & Acting Students:

If you are a student click the button below to view the schedule page for our graduate models and actors only. If you are a client please continue to read below.

Graduate Students Only

For the Client:

Pro Round Table is an opportunity for you to come see professionally trained models all in one place. The Caryn International models will walk down the runway for all of you to see. Maybe you are looking for high fashion models, commercial models, or promotional models; either way you will find some of the most professional individuals here at Caryn International. The best part about this is, that it does not cost you a thing.

This is a free service that we provide to clients that have a need, but does not necessarily have a large budget. Whether you run a non-profit organization, are looking to test-shoot, have concept project, or are designer and looking to cast a runway show, the Pro Round Table is the best way to see these models. Pro Round Table is held on an “as needed basis”. You can expect several models to attend every round table, which will give you a variety to select from. Please allow an hour of your time to attend a round table.

If you are a client and would like more information on attending a Pro Round Table please click here to contact us or call: 763-746-3695 ext. 221 to find out more about our Pro Round Table and Caryn Model & Talent Management

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