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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


Reflection From Class

Modeling has always been something that I wanted to pursue, but when I would look at the women who walked down the catwalks and posed for the magazines I become discouraged because I didn’t look like that. I wasn’t the slim, 5’10”, porcelain skin model. But after completing these classes, I feel that I have a place on the runway and industry. After taking these classes, I know that someone needs someone like me with my complexion, my height and size. I took a lot from The Secret video. It was very interesting and insightful. It made me understand universal truths such as what you put out into the world will be what you receive. Just that simple statement has changed me. Honestly, I have a lot more confidence now. I don’t stress about talking in front of people and wondering if I look okay, because as long as I am comfortable in my skin and with myself, I should be fine. Overall, this has been a valuable life lessons about self-acceptance and my energy that I feed to the world. I will be continually practicing the things that I learned from this class. Thank you for this.