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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


Performance I with Caryn International Model and Talent was an insightful class full of inspiration. Our lovely instructor, DeAnne, created a unique and influential atmosphere. When starting the class I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at first, or what things we would learn about the industry. This whole process has been full of surprises and very educational. I have enjoyed every moment. My experience through this class has been very positive and I have already recognized true changes to my life. This class has strengthened my communication skills and posture, and has helped me to become mindful of my own personal characteristics.

My first time coming to visit Caryn at the training center was for an audition in front of Tom Logan, which was an experience in itself. I considered the offer whole heartedly to personally meet Caryn herself, and dive head first into an audition I was unsure about. The one experience which sticks in my mind that day was the energy level I had going in to perform a cold reading in front of the camera. I remember memorizing my lines as if it were a one time job offer, and one time opportunity. I was overwhelmed with excitement and even though I was nervous, it was a good vibration. I already had a slight feeling my life was going to change after one day of interacting with Tom Logan, Scott Marshall, and Caryn Rosenberg. My intuition was definitely spot on that day because my life is changing and I feel better about myself right now than I ever have before.

Performance I has helped me to change old habits. The class taught me how to carry myself more elegantly (practicing my femininity), and showed me how to turn my imaginative thoughts into a visual picture for creating my future. Growing up I always bit on my nails unconsciously out of anxiousness or nervous behavior. Shortly before starting this class I made a conscious effort to stop biting them for good, and after a few weeks of training my mind to stop, I now have less of a desire to bite them and have no bitten my nails for three months now! Even though this is a small change it made the world of a difference before I feel prettier and it has actually lessened some of my anxious feelings.

DeAnne made me become more aware of the way I appear I public settings and how to practice my posture, so I may carry myself more elegantly. It is funny how just fixing small parts of your life enhance the way you feel about yourself and your overall confidence. Every day I have been sitting and walking with proper and taller posture, and it makes my body feel freer and lighter. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film “Poise” and how it showed us older traditions and ways of gracefully move about a social setting. Applying these traditions and practicing good posture truly reflects positive feelings about you. I know my first impression to others will only shine brighter due to these subtle life changes

The third change that has been prominent to my life is my initiative to succeed. I am more driven and focused to accomplish my dreams. A new power of positive thinking, along with my personal prayers and those around me has added an increased amount of energy in my life. Creating my dream board after watching the film “The Secret” was uplifting and was influentially inspiring because it opened up new lines of thoughts in my mind. I really delighted in the process of making my dream board and put my heart and soul into the route in which I see my life headed. Being able to see my short term goals and future dreams in front of me now keeps my driven every day, and nothing seems impossible.

Overall, I have become a better woman through this class by changing my health habits and my personal wellness to be a role model for others. I have always been a positive role model in certain areas of my life, but this class has taught me how to make my real inner beauty stand out even more. Over these past couple of months I have been more mindful of the moment I am in every day and grateful for what I currently have. I am very patient about not getting to far ahead of myself, because I know in time things work out even if there is an unwanted obstacle in the way. My heart has new eyes in my personal conversations with people and I am blessed to have the connections I do in my life. I am quicker to recognizing when my mind is started to become overwhelmed, so I can take time out of my day to meditate and redirect my thoughts. All these things in time create a beautiful woman whose inner light has a positive effect on the people she comes in contact with. People recognize a good aura about someone’s presence.

I would like to personally thank DeAnne for the time she has put into this class because every bit of it has paid off. DeAnne is truly a beautiful woman and I have taken away a lot of heart felt and professional knowledge form her. Also, if it weren’t for my invite from Caryn to meet with and audition in front of Tom Logan I would not be in these classes right now. I want to thank you all for the encouragement and consideration to take Performance I, along with a couple other classes. I couldn’t be happier with the advice you have given me, and the timing in how all of this has played out.

“The greatest tragedy is never to become the person that you were meant to be. You were put on this earth for a reason.” – DeAnne

With sincere thanks.