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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


Performance 1 Class

This class has made me open my eyes to who I truly am. We have covered a lot of vital information in this class. I have grown to believe more in myself and in the dreams that I have dreamt from being a little girl and wanting to achieve. I have the faith in myself that I can achieve those even if I don’t know how it’s going to happen or play out and to know what we don’t have to have it figured out. Also that we need to truly listen to our guts and our instincts on things when we know stuff isn’t right to just get away and not look back. I have been known to give second chances and I have a huge heart for people but we also need to stand up for ourselves and chase our dreams as women and love what we do, because only we can write our story and our whole life but we determine who comes and who stays, we pick whether we want positive people and influences or negative.

I loved how we talked about making lists because I make lists even for the week and have them tacked up around my room. I just like how we were told to always have something to do so we are never bored and having a pity party and wishing something else for our lives. I believe we will be able to achieve our dreams and goals in life as women and go far once we can truly see ourselves and what we are worth and valued for to us not to anyone else. I have never looked at life from a visual standpoint so this was new for me. I never really visualized it, I mean I had thought about my life and what I wanted to do and all that but never really sat down and took the time to paint that picture and what it looks like. To also believe it, I have been told now for a while that our words are so powerful and we don’t realize it. I have recently changed the way I say things and think about things into a more positive atmosphere and it has been life changing seriously and this was before the class and there were things in the class that have also contributed as well.

We need to be extra careful how we come off to not only our family and strangers, friends and etc. because no one in this world is responsible for the things we say, do and feel except us. We are the ones that determine whether we are going to be happy or sad and change our feelings. When the roads or ways of life just seem to be too easy its generally too good to be true, in class and just by going through life I have realized that just because the way looks easy don’t mean it’s the right choice to choose, sometimes we need to put in more effort and time into the things we truly want to be able to fully appreciate them. One thing that I have done is to make a life manifestation collage board that is about your future and dreams all the things that you want; this was very interesting to me. We watched the movie The Secret now I have had the book but don’t always learn or comprehend from reading so listening to it was a way better but in there a man tells how he had made one of these boards and he had moved into and renovated a house he bought and that house is the house he had on his manifestation board and he didn’t even realize it until he looked at it. All the stuff we have talked about in our three days together, we all know as women in God and just women in general but once you get out into the world and live and have some experiences you king of forget some things so this class was truly an honor and great to be in because it helps.