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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


Quite a few years ago I decided I wanted to act. So, I looked some places online, and I saw Caryn’s. Even though signing up was one step closer to making my dream a reality I still dwelled in the negative, but this class showed me that I can’t do that. I need to be positive and confident with what I can do. I took that seriously and applying it to my everyday life, and I am a lot happier where I am and who I am. I can’t wait around on myself because that won’t get me anywhere especially in this business! I have to use “The Secret” believe and you shall receive.

I have learned that I always should present myself accordingly. I noticed that I have become more confident with my body, and I’m getting clothes that look nice on me. I don’t have an excuse now saying “Oh, I don’t have to look nice it’s just the store.” I now find something flattering to wear, and present myself as more confident grace. I have been trying to find some fun things to do with my hair now rather than leaving it straight down. I do tend to my nails more now, too. I use to pick at them a lot, but now I use the kit we received and it has been helping my nails grow nicer rather than jagged.

This class showed me, too, that I can’t let my friends hold me back. I used to let them hold me away from my dreams, from other people. Not anymore, I stick to what I believe ignoring all the negative comments. I value my own opinion, and don’t pay attention to the bad things I hear. I feel happier, healthier, and that I have more energy. I feel a huge weight lifted by pushing away the negative things

Looking back I didn’t always eat the best now I’ve almost completely cut out junk food, I’m looking at the ingredients, and I’m trying to get as much fresh food as I can. I have more energy to do the things I want rather than being slumped over and tired all day.

This class has changed my physically and mentally, and I enjoyed the learning experience. I really loved the class I was put in, too. I am happy that I am one step closer; I know it’s going to take a lot of work, but I am up for the challenge. I do plan on carrying out my dream career of acting and modeling.