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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


Performance One Class

Initially going into this class I was a tad anxious; I didn’t know what to expect or what matters could possibly fill eight hours. I was pleased to learn this class was created primarily to encourage and teach women, like myself, what we strive for most – confidence. I especially enjoyed the first session as we spoke about attitude, character and settings goals. I believe that’s one lesson all women should engage in. I personally learned that charisma goes a long way. In other words, people pay attention to the way you carry yourself. So be as bold as a lion and as sweet as a peach. In addition, I was relieved to find I agree with many aspects DeAnne preached, such as keeping off technology so you may improve your own well-being.

What I found truly interesting was the message behind The Secret video. I was fascinated with the idea of putting positivity out into the world and, in return, you’ll receive good things. In the same way, I always encouraged myself to be optimistic, but I was astounded to hear this was not only an idea but rather a lifestyle. Furthermore, after watching the video I was motivated to practice these ways. As a result, recently I’ve noticed a difference in my overall mood – I’m more relaxed and content. As I go on, I strive towards spreading this positivity to others in hope of improving their lives as well.

Because of this class I feel much more prepared for pursing my modeling career. Not only do I understand runway more, but I can decipher different fashion looks and designers. This will be beneficial for landing a runway show and arranging an outfit acceptable for any occasion.