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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


How Performance One Has Changed Me & Made Me a Better Person
The Performance One class at Caryn International has influenced multiple areas of my life. I try to think more positively when I am feeling doubtful or worrisome about things. I feel like my whole outlook on life situations has been a lot better. I am really happy that I chose to take classes when I did because I feel like it really helped me get out of the negative thinking that was causing stress. Being in a better state of mind, I was aware that certain things needed to be addressed for myself. It was a little difficult at first because to be able to willing to change we must first acknowledge what needs to be worked on.

Procrastination has been something I’ve needed to address. I was in a cycle of putting off my homework until Sunday night when it was due on Monday. I know that I like to do fun things on the weekends so I have made it a goal to have my homework done by Friday of each week this next quarter.

Goal-setting has been very important for me to gain motivation. Accomplishing goals helps boosts our self-esteem. When we put things in writing we put energy into the things we want which is necessary for our dreams to be fulfilled.

I feel like I am overall a lot happier with myself, which has affected the way I interact with others. As long as I keep working toward my goals, and working towards self-improvement. I feel like the outside influences won’t have such a great impact with how I feel inside.