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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


How this class changed me
I feel that this class was a very interesting and a fascinating class and helped me learn a lot of things I would never of guessed and it really felt good to do something like this to help me be very focused and understand auditions more and what to do and how to stand, sit, eat, get out and in a car, and I even learned how to walk a runway and how to do it and I found that it was a very fun experience, and I feel as though I am a toddler learning all these things all over again. I so far have learned how to take care of myself.

I am still in the process of learning not to say “like” or “um”. It was also very fun to learn about what foods are not very good for me. I am feeling more happy now that I am in the process of having a very good attitude and I am trying to help around the house and to be very thankful for what I have. I now say thank you to my parents once in a while, and it feels honestly good because I feel much more better about myself and I have more confident and I am in the process also not getting nervous and to tell the truth it’s very hard but, like you say if you want it and dream of it, it will be yours someday.

This class was just such a beautiful fun exciting experience and it has teached me so many things I will remember and always work on. I am very thankful for being in this class!