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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


This class has changed my life in so many ways, the biggest thing that stuck out to me was if you think or feel positive things, positive things will start happening to you with the right mindset. I feel very strongly for this because I truly believe that if you socialize and or act in negative ways karma or negative things will start happening till you rethink the situation and start having positive surroundings again. I have a friend currently who is constantly bringing herself down and is always negative about everything and we always fight and it’s just not healthy to be around and whenever we take breaks from each other or don’t hang out with each other as much then I start feeling happier and my mood is completely different mood than when were constantly together. The second thing that impacted my life from this class was that confidence and personality are a huge part in having a happy and carefree life. If you don’t break out of your shell every once in a while how are you ever going to know what you can really accomplish if you never step out of your comfort zone and try new things you might find different sizes of yourself you didn’t even know existed and pretty soon breaking out of your shell would be a regular thing and it would better your life.

Another thing that really stuck out to me about this class was that character is what you build meaning that if you really want to be successful in life or in general than you have to start making those changes that you’ve always wanted to change but were too afraid or told yourself you couldn’t do it, you have to start telling yourself you can or you will and always remembering to have positive thoughts then before you even know it you’ll be at that goal or that next step you need to be to better yourself and always be the best you can be at every time. “Know your worth” if there are situations that are going to make life hard, don’t put up with it make a change and go find something that will be beneficial and helpful in the long run. Know your worth and stick up for yourself, don’t always get down on yourself or let people bring you down influence those around you to do the same and think positively.

Overall this class has taught me how to be a better person and not to always let negative things affect me in life and to be proud of whom I am and who I’m becoming. Life is going to throw you hardballs and make difficult challenges for me but I know that with the right mindset and positive thoughts that anything is possible. When people are mean or being rude towards you whether it be with words looks or actions it really just means their jealous of you and you pose as a threat and they don’t like that that’s why they put on a front and have a negative vibe toward you. I’m a huge believe in ask, believe, and receive if you ask for something and have a positive energy and you believe that it’ll happen and keep telling yourself and you will and you can then you shall receive. Everything you think or feel impacts your future in some way that’s why paying attention to what you’re attracted to will be very helpful. You thoughts feelings and emotions will define you and leave a lasting impression on your life. “All that we are is the result of what we thought”. Bettering myself and always making improvements is the best feeling I know that once I’ve reached a goal or I got something off my chest it felt so amazing and fulfilling that I wanted that feeling to last forever so every time I have a bad day or something’s bugging me I just brush it off and tell myself that it’ll get better and all I have to do is think positively and don’t let any negative thoughts get into my head.

This class was very inspiring and I’m going to keep a lot of these lifelong lessons and put them to the test and really pay attention to what I'm doing and not just let things slide when they get rough. It’s taught me to be the bigger person with every situation, staying focused on the bigger picture will always be my number one thing to remember and reminding myself of this will only help me grow not only as a person but as woman. Always putting on an act that I’m someone that I’m not isn’t who or what I want to be when I’m older and wiser I will be brave and I will be the best woman I can be. My mom was and still is a huge role model for being and acting like a woman, always having manners and putting a smile on even when things don’t go my way, my mom taught me that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes but always approach a situation with a clear mind and all shall work out in your favor and I think that is something that will always stick with me throughout life and then some. My life would be nothing without her courage and advice, I’m lucky enough to say I got to receive as a child and now as a young woman and I will cherish it for a lifetime. Staying happy and positive is my biggest goal/achievement so far, always remembering to be grateful of where I come from and who is in my life and just being the best person I can possibly be.