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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


How This Class Has Changed Me

This class has changed me into a better person because it taught me on how to be and act like a lady. It has given me a better understanding of how I should act. A lady has specific roles, and a man has specific roles. I am my own person, and I should love who I am, and if I don’t like who I am, that’s something I personally need to fix. One thing I need to stop doing is comparing myself to others. True beauty comes from within, and that’s what will get you through life. Have confidence in yourself, but not arrogance. It has taught me to present yourself to others on how you want to be seen. It’s not good to have negative people in your life. It can be toxic and is not good for you. This class has made me a better person because it has taught me to stay positive in life. If you want something, go for it, have patience, and hard work. Overall a positive thought has way more power than a negative thought, so why even waste your time with a negative thought? You only have one shot at life, so be the person you absolutely want to be. The only person that can change yourself is you. Learn to accept the things in life that you can’t control, but take charge of your own life. These classes have changed my state of mind, and I’m learning to present myself better, and become open-minded.