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Caryn Internationals Reviews & Testimonials


Overall, this has been a valuable life lessons about self-acceptance and my energy that I feed to the world...Click Here to Read More


I didn’t realize however that this course would transform me spiritually, emotionally, and mentally...Click Here to Read More


This class has changed my life in so many ways...Click Here to Read More


This class has changed me into a better person because it taught me on how to be and act like a lady....Click Here to Read More


I was pleased to learn this class was created primarily to encourage and teach women, like myself, what we strive for most – confidence...Click Here to Read More


The performance 1 class at Caryn International was one such experience that taught me lessons that I can utilize forever...Click Here to Read More


I have grown to believe more in myself and in the dreams that I have dreamt from being a little girl and wanting to achieve....Click Here to Read More


Caryn Rosenberg, thank you for giving Andy Scott Harris his acting training at your school, and for sending him to IMTA... Click Here to Read More


Dear Ms. Rosenberg, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what wonderful organization you have. I recently took a voice-over class under the instruction of Tom Collins... Click Here to Read More


It is hard for me to classify Performance Once as a “class”. Instead it seems to me upon completion that it is more of a life enriching experience... Click Here to Read More


From the day Scott Marshall invited me to come in to audition, my life has not been the same. From everything I learned in the Performance I class from DeAnne Dillon... Click Here to Read More


Thank you for this wonderful experience. I have really learned a lot about the industry and myself. I participated in Performance I with and Deanne has really taught me a lot... Click Here to Read More


My experience in class has been so great! I learned how to walk, talk and speak like a lady. Although having to practice I soon got down how to walk like a runway model... Click Here to Read More


Performance I with Caryn International Model and Talent was an insightful class full of inspiration. Our lovely instructor... Click Here to Read More


How this class has changed me! Quite a few years ago I decided I wanted to act. So, I looked some places online, and I saw Caryn’s. Even though signing up was one step closer... Click Here to Read More


This class has made me more aware of nutrition and what I am putting in my body. I have always been a junk food addict but I am now switching out bad snacks for an apple or banana... Click Here to Read More


The Performance One class at Caryn International has influenced multiple areas of my life. I try to think more positively when I am feeling doubtful or worrisome about things... Click Here to Read More


I feel that this class was a very interesting and a fascinating class and helped me learn a lot of things I would never of guessed and it really felt good to do something like this to help me... Click Here to Read More